Umlaut ‘To Your Poverty Quietly Go’

Umlaut 'To Your Poverty Quietly Go'

(ROM009)  Released August 29, 2014

CD / Vinyl / Bandcamp / UK / US

‘To Your Poverty Quietly Go’ is the second album from Umlaut, the brainchild of Bär McKinnon (Mr. Bungle, Secret Chiefs 3). Swinging from meticulous chamber-pop majesty to unapologetic 4-track romps, the album plays like a twisted film score, with lush orchestrations, elegiac meditations and crushing bursts of gleeful irreverence.

  1. Party Socks
  2. Day at the Office
  3. Don’t Pull a Mustaine Bro
  4. Bear Claws and Butterhorns
  5. Trutes
  6. Dominate Television Snack-Time
  7. Food Baby
  8. The Eleventh Victim
  9. Day at the Office part deux
  10. Bella Lucia
  11. Jealous..?
  12. SFDA
  13. To Your Poverty Quietly Go

Review in The Music (9/9/14) by Andrew McDonald

Anyone who played the sax in Mr Bungle is obviously going to walk on the weirder side of pop, and this second record from Bar McKinnon’s Umlaut project is no exception. Drifting between twisted sax-driven club tunes and fuzzy electro pop rock, this is surely one to keep you guessing throughout. Clocking in at a click over half an hour, it never outstays its welcome and is really honest-to-god happy from start to finish, even if its wild style shifts come across as patchy as it goes on.

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