The Tango Saloon ‘Transylvania’

(ROM003)  Released June 12, 2012
CD / Bandcamp / UK / US

Romero Records is thrilled to re-release the second album by The Tango Saloon, originally released in 2008. 13 tracks imbuing the band’s tango/western blend with a touch of vampiric horror. Featuring fourteen of Australia’s finest instrumentalists, as well as vocals from Jane Sheldon and Mike Patton.

  1. Transylvania
  2. The Count
  3. I Want Some Fun
  4. Dance Of The Dead
  5. Abduction
  6. Into The Castle
  7. L’Anima Sulle Sue Mani
  8. Oblivious (There’s Something Down There)
  9. The Chase
  10. Kiss Of Death
  11. When The Clock Strikes…
  12. Dracula Cha Cha
  13. The Vampire Sleeps

Review in The Sydney Morning Herald (9/8/08) by John Shand

If a mad mix of tango and cowboy music can be called “roots”, then Julian Curwin’s Tango Saloon moves away from them with this second album. Once again, however, Curwin doesn’t let a laugh get in the way of good music, ensuring that when he makes you smile, the piece withstands repeated listening.

There is a greater diversity of moods and textures in this CD’s sometimes tongue-in-cheek, sometimes genuinely bewitching walk on the dark side, including Jane Sheldon’s disembodied voice and Curwin’s tremolando guitar on I Want Some Fun. That’s a world away from the Munsters-like diabolism of Transylvania, with its puffed-chest tuba and trombone. Accordion and viola lead Dance of the Dead closer to tango, and the tune is delightful, while the pantomime elements of The Chase give way to a truly ravishing little melody, and then a dash of King Crimson-like metallic brutality.

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