The Tango Saloon ‘Suspicion’

The Tango Saloon 'Suspicion'

(ROM010)  Released March 2, 2015

CD / Bandcamp / UK / US

Watch the official video for ‘In Black And White’

Watch the official video for ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’

Suspicion is The Tango Saloon’s fourth album, following on from the self-titled debut (2006), Transylvania (2008) and Shadows & Fog (2012). Suspicion is a more song-based affair, featuring vocalist Elana Stone on 9 of its 14 tracks. Including the singles ‘In Black And White’ and ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’, plus ‘Smoking Gun’, a duet with Brian Campeau.

  1. Suspicion
  2. The Legend Of Tango
  3. The Last Dance
  4. In Black And White
  5. A Thousand Years
  6. Black Wedding
  7. Shadow Of A Dead Man
  8. The Long Walk
  9. Valentino
  10. Don’t Close Your Eyes
  11. Shrinking Lights
  12. Smoking Gun
  13. Old World
  14. The Day Before

Review in The Sydney Morning Herald (11/4/15) by John Shand (4 stars)

The cover sets up expectations of the western variant of film noir and the music delivers. On this fourth Tango Saloon album Julian Curwin’s tongue lolls in and out of his composer’s cheek, so any line between pastiche and staggeringly imaginative music fades as fast as smoke from a gun barrel.

The original ingredients of tango and cowboy music still mingle, only with the latter now more dominant. The big change is that half the pieces are songs, with Elana Stone providing vocals that carry echoes of the casual detachment of a ’60s ingenue. Sometimes it seems a more knowing approach may have better served the songs than this Euro-pop blitheness, but Curwin loves to layer his musical elements; to create enigmas that disguise glimpses of humour in wisps of sadness.

As ever his own guitar playing nonchalantly explores the gamut of the instrument’s capabilities (but always in the service of his exceptional compositions), and the supporting cast includes a who’s who of Sydney’s finest creative musicians. They play the Django Bar on April 16.

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