The Tango Saloon ‘In Black And White’

(ROM005)  Released April 15, 2013
CD / Bandcamp / UK / US

Watch the official video for ‘In Black And White’

‘In Black And White’ is the first taste of The Tango Saloon’s forthcoming fourth album, following on from Shadows & Fog (2012), Transylvania (2008) and the self-titled debut released on Mike Patton’s Ipecac label in 2006. The song features lead vocals by the amazing Elana Stone, who also co-wrote it with bandleader Julian Curwin.

  1. In Black And White
  2. Will You Love Me Tomorrow

Review in Drum Media (8/4/13) by Ross Clelland

Elana Stone is one of those voices that always seems just on the fringes – her jazzy side fits with being part of the previously Mike Patton-approved dark cabaret of The Tango Saloon. In Black And White (Romero Records) allows them to have their brass wheeze and blurt as her voice provides the tart praline centre, while a restrained cover of Will You Love Me Tomorrow might pick up some Amy or Adele audience, and/or some Radio National airplay.

(the above review has been slightly edited for clarity)

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