Julian Curwin ‘Midnight Lullaby’

ML cover

(ROM018)  Released May 7, 2020

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Romero Records is excited to announce ‘Midnight Lullaby’, the latest album from guitarist/composer Julian Curwin. In essence a collection of dark lullabies, it is a subtle blend of jazz, classical, film music and latin sounds. The album features an all-star ensemble of pianist Stu Hunter (The Migration, Tina Harrod, Moniker), bassist Lloyd Swanton (The Necks, Ambon, The catholics) and percussionist Jess Ciampa (Spaghetti Western Orchestra, The Tango Saloon, Brandenburg Orchestra).

Although he has been producing recordings for over 20 years, this is the first release under Curwin’s own name. He has led or co-led releases by the likes of The Tango Saloon, The Mango Balloon, Munkle and Cannibal Spiders, as well as 2018’s critically acclaimed ‘Crossing’ collaboration with soprano Jane Sheldon. Stylistically ‘Midnight Lullaby’ falls somewhere between all of these projects, taking elements from each and distilling them into one of Curwin’s most cohesive and personal albums to date.

  1. At Dusk
  2. Big House
  3. The Sting
  4. Midnight Drive
  5. Night Hawk
  6. Red Sky
  7. Insomnia
  8. Vendetta
  9. Sleeping Dogs Lie
  10. Blood Moon
  11. At Dawn
  12. Lullaby
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