Darth Vegas ‘Brainwashing For Dirty Minds’

(ROM002)  Released April 1, 2012
CD / Bandcamp / UK / US

Watch the official video for ‘Vindaloo Boogaloo’

Having seemingly relocated to Sydney from another galaxy, Darth Vegas skilfully merge the worlds of free jazz, swing, surf rock, carnival and death metal, to bring you a colourful concoction that could well be the soundtrack for a cult B-grade sci-fi/horror/porno film about an opium-addicted ghost falling in love with a nympho robot with four breasts, set against the backdrop of a war between a horde of vampire gypsies and surf-loving ninjas from outer space.

  1. Gritos Dulces
  2. Prokletsvo Gummina Kokoshke
  3. Music For A Haitian Voodoo Priestess
  4. Space Sounds
  5. Vindaloo Boogaloo
  6. Kopf Verloren
  7. Swamp Thing
  8. Waltz Of The Pumpkins
  9. Rocket Surgery
  10. Swami Salami
  11. Things That Go Bump In The Night
  12. Martian Menace
  13. A Night To Dismember
  14. Eye Spy
  15. Bat Attack Galactica

Review in Rave Magazine (24/4/12) by Pete Walsh

Horrifically comic burlesque on acid

On their second full-length album, Sydney band Darth Vegas showcase some bizarre and original ideas. The vintage sepia-toned ‘50s influences that pervade their music also invade the cover art, which is as colourful as the album itself. The myriad sounds that come through on Brainwashing For Dirty Minds makes it difficult to pigeonhole generically. The best I can come up with is jazzy steampunk, reverberated through carnival-esque surf pop and looped through multiple distortion pedals. With such a diverse style and influences from just about every musician who has ever lived, Darth Vegas deliver a predominantly instrumental piece of art. It could almost be the soundtrack for a documentary about Tim Burton’s film career, the album’s fantastical and inventive nature suggestive of wild imagination. Slipping from jaunty accordions to wistful panpipes and into Metallica-inspired metal cameos, Brainwashing For Dirty Minds certainly keeps you on your toes.

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