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SILVERBEATS – Coming Soon…

Silverbeats: largely electronic, with a focus on classic synth sounds, dirty beats and spacey guitars. Think Blade Runner, Escape From New York or The Running Man, with a pinch of Super Mario Bros thrown in for good measure.

From the eclectic mind of Julian Curwin (The Tango Saloon) collaborating with golden-eared producer Luke Bertoz (Tales In Space).

‘Midnight Lullaby’ launch, video and review

Thanks John Shand for a lovely review of Thursday’s launch!!

Midnight Lullaby livestream

Sadly, due to social distancing we’ve had to cancel the 8th birthday celebrations and the album launch of Julian Curwin’s ‘Midnight Lullaby’.

However, the Midnight Lullaby band will perform live, streamed by Johnston Street Jazz on May 7 at 8pm! Check it out at the Johnston Street facebook (can be viewed even without an account).


Romero Records 8th Birthday!

It’s been 8 years since the birth of Romero Records, and to celebrate we’re putting on a massive party – featuring Umlaut’s first Sydney show in years, the album launch of Julian Curwin’s ‘Midnight Lullaby’ (featuring Stu Hunter, Lloyd Swanton and Jess Ciampa) and much more excitement!

All happening May 7 at Lazybones Lounge. Keep updated via the facebook event.

romero birthday

‘Midnight Lullaby’ coming soon…

Romero Records is excited to announce ‘Midnight Lullaby’, the latest album from guitarist/composer Julian Curwin. Although he has been producing recordings for over 20 years, this is the first release under Curwin’s own name.

In essence a collection of dark lullabies, it is a subtle blend of jazz, classical, film music and latin sounds. The album features an all-star ensemble of pianist Stu Hunter (The Migration, Tina Harrod, Moniker), bassist Lloyd Swanton (The Necks, Ambon, The catholics) and percussionist Jess Ciampa (Spaghetti Western Orchestra, The Tango Saloon, Brandenburg Orchestra).

‘Midnight Lullaby’ will be released very soon, keep your eyes… open.

New from Umlaut!

Just six months after their Easter-themed EP ‘Arunachala’, more new music from Umlaut… and this time it’s Halloween!

Meditative and charmingly addictive forays into experimental pop from the mind of Mr Bungle saxman Bär McKinnon, with some help from Melbourne legend Angus Leslie (Sex On Toast).

‘Kintsugi’ is more of a vocal affair than Umlaut’s previous releases, think Bungle with a bit of Beach Boys, Beatles and Badalamenti.

Pre-order now

Umlaut - Kintsugi

Umlaut and Cannibal Spiders, new releases

Two new EPs are coming your way April 19th, Umlaut ‘Arunachala‘ and Cannibal Spiders ‘Primal‘. Available for pre-order now on Bandcamp, and various other options shortly… it is going to be a very good Friday.

Both bands also have gigs coming up in May.

Umlaut 'Arunachala'Cannibal cover larger

The Tango Saloon returns!

We’re very happy to announce that The Tango Saloon’s next gig will be April 4 at 107 Projects in Redfern. This is the band’s first public performance since releasing ‘Suspicion’ in 2015! They will be playing for the monthly double-bill put on by Art As Catharsis. More info and tickets soon…

The Tango Saloon

‘Crossing’ 5 star review!

‘Crossing’ by Julian Curwin & Jane Sheldon has received a glowing review in The Sydney Morning Herald. 5 stars! Next performance: September 27 at Django Bar…


Out of the deluge of new music bursts an unexpected vision of beauty to rival Joseph Canteloube’s Chants d’Auvergne. Part bucolic dream and part sonic rainbow (arching from the 13th century to now), this has guitarist Julian Curwin and soprano Jane Sheldon composing settings for assorted French, Spanish and English poetry of lost or unrequited love. The 14th century Chanson d’amour and La froidor, for instance, impale you on the anguish of love unrequited, made all the more poignant by the bell-like, boy-soprano purity and innocence of Sheldon’s voice against Curwin’s classical guitar. The title track and El Sol both have otherworldly wordless singing, the former deploying an exotic counter melody and ghostly electric guitar laced with viola (Shenton Gregory) and percussion (Jess Ciampa), who also deftly colour other pieces. Rimbaud’s Ophelia, surely among the greatest pieces of Shakespeare-inspired poetry, now floats in musical pathos, and the one song in English, Unseen, Unknown, is by Shakespeare’s contemporary Mary Wroth. The music, gently bathing in the prevailing medieval ethos without descending to pastiche, is performed with an artistic rigour worthy of Jordi Savall. I know no higher praise.

Julian Curwin & Jane Sheldon ‘Crossing’

Romero Records is excited to announce the release of ‘Crossing’, the new collaboration between classical soprano Jane Sheldon (Pinchgut Opera, The Song Company, Elena Kats-Chernin, John Zorn) and guitarist Julian Curwin (The Tango Saloon, The Mango Balloon, Cannibal Spiders, Monsieur Camembert).

The pair first joined forces in experimental electronic pop band Gauche in the early 2000s (whose back-catalogue has just been re-released by Art As Catharsis). Now, more than a decade later, they bring together all of their intervening musical experiences for ‘Crossing’. Though difficult to neatly categorise, a shared love for western film scores, folk song and early music may give some clues. ‘Crossing’ is music that evokes other lands, sometimes real, often imaginary.

Official album launch June 1st at The Newsagency. Hear a sample here.

crossing cover