The Tango Saloon & Umlaut reviews

The Tango Saloon ‘Suspicion’ has received a great review from The Music Trust. Including quite a bit of detail, but here is one highlight:

The dark and brooding lyrics have a sophisticated songwriter’s sensibility and a poetic underpinning. These are not clichéd pop lyrics. They are mysterious, dark, atmospheric and unpredictable. There is something of Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave here that works perfectly in the eerie tango and western filmic environments. Song titles like Shadow of a Dead Man and Smoking Gun entice the listener into dangerous and chilling sonic and lyric narratives. There is humour here too while enigmatic elements of surprise in the instrumentation keep the listener engaged.

While we were there we also found a fantastic Umlaut review from last month!

SuspicionTo Your Poverty Quietly Go

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