The Tango Saloon and Darth Vegas

Romero Records is very pleased to announce its first two releases: The Tango Saloon’s third album ‘Shadows & Fog’ and Darth Vegas’s second album ‘Brainwashing For Dirty Minds’.

The Tango Saloon has always blended tango and spaghetti western sounds with other elements such as film scores, rock, gypsy, jazz and electronics. On the new album, the tango really takes a back seat to these other elements. The album features 10 of Australia’s finest instrumentalists, plus special guest vocalist Elana Stone on first single ‘Femme Fatale’.

The debut from Darth Vegas was described by one reviewer as “the soundtrack for a cult B-grade sci-fi/horror/porno film about an opium-addicted ghost falling in love with a nympho robot with four breasts, set against the backdrop of a war between a horde of vampire gypsies and surf-loving ninjas from outer space”. We reckon the new album might be a little harder to pigeon-hole.

Both albums will be released April 1st, and distributed through Newmarket Music.

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