Norman Records (UK)

Just a reminder that Norman Records in the UK is selling Romero Records stuff – just got some copies of The Tango Saloon ‘Suspicion’ in, and most of our other releases are in stock too, check it out!

Also available from Wayside Music in the US. More info and links can be found on our Releases page.


Marc Ribot Solo in Sydney

Very excited to announce that The Mango Balloon is doing the support slot for US guitarist Marc Ribot’s first solo performance in Sydney. Known for his work with Tom Waits, Elvis Costello and John Zorn among countless others, Ribot has also released over 20 albums under his own name. August 9th at The Vanguard, more info here.

Marc Ribot

The Tango Saloon & Umlaut reviews

The Tango Saloon ‘Suspicion’ has received a great review from The Music Trust. Including quite a bit of detail, but here is one highlight:

The dark and brooding lyrics have a sophisticated songwriter’s sensibility and a poetic underpinning. These are not clichéd pop lyrics. They are mysterious, dark, atmospheric and unpredictable. There is something of Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave here that works perfectly in the eerie tango and western filmic environments. Song titles like Shadow of a Dead Man and Smoking Gun entice the listener into dangerous and chilling sonic and lyric narratives. There is humour here too while enigmatic elements of surprise in the instrumentation keep the listener engaged.

While we were there we also found a fantastic Umlaut review from last month!

SuspicionTo Your Poverty Quietly Go

Great review for The Tango Saloon ‘Suspicion’

SuspicionThe Tango Saloon ‘Suspicion’ (4 stars)

review by John Shand, The Sydney Morning Herald

The cover sets up expectations of the western variant of film noir and the music delivers. On this fourth Tango Saloon album Julian Curwin’s tongue lolls in and out of his composer’s cheek, so any line between pastiche and staggeringly imaginative music fades as fast as smoke from a gun barrel.

The original ingredients of tango and cowboy music still mingle, only with the latter now more dominant. The big change is that half the pieces are songs, with Elana Stone providing vocals that carry echoes of the casual detachment of a ’60s ingenue. Sometimes it seems a more knowing approach may have better served the songs than this Euro-pop blitheness, but Curwin loves to layer his musical elements; to create enigmas that disguise glimpses of humour in wisps of sadness.

As ever his own guitar playing nonchalantly explores the gamut of the instrument’s capabilities (but always in the service of his exceptional compositions), and the supporting cast includes a who’s who of Sydney’s finest creative musicians. They play the Django Bar on April 16.

Update: another great review appeared in The Brag last week, check it out.

The Tango Saloon ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’ video

Big thanks to The Music for premiering the new video by The Tango Saloon:

‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’ is the second single and video from The Tango Saloon’s forthcoming fourth album Suspicion (to be launched March 12 at The Basement, Sydney). Directed by Julian Shaw (also responsible for the band’s first video ‘In Black And White‘), the video also features Shaw acting alongside vocalist Elana Stone.

Don't Close Your Eyes

The Tango Saloon ‘Suspicion’ sneak preview

It’s been a long time coming, but we can finally share a little preview of The Tango Saloon’s new album ‘Suspicion’ (featuring Elana Stone). Announcement of release/launch dates coming soon, but for the moment we hope you enjoy what you hear!

Listen here


Umlaut ‘To Your Poverty Quietly Go’

Romero Records is very excited to announce the forthcoming release of ‘To Your Poverty Quietly Go’, the second album by Umlaut, brainchild of Bär McKinnon (Mr. Bungle, Secret Chiefs 3). Swinging from meticulous chamber-pop majesty to unapologetic 4-track romps, the album plays like a twisted film score, with lush orchestrations, elegiac meditations and crushing bursts of gleeful irreverence. Have a listen.

Officially released August 29.


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