Umlaut ‘To Your Poverty Quietly Go’

Romero Records is very excited to announce the forthcoming release of ‘To Your Poverty Quietly Go’, the second album by Umlaut, brainchild of Bär McKinnon (Mr. Bungle, Secret Chiefs 3). Swinging from meticulous chamber-pop majesty to unapologetic 4-track romps, the album plays like a twisted film score, with lush orchestrations, elegiac meditations and crushing bursts of gleeful irreverence. Have a listen.

Officially released August 29.

The Mango Balloon Volume 3 Review

The Mango Balloon, Volume 3 has received an exceptionally good review from John Shand in the weekend’s Spectrum (Sydney Morning Herald). 4 and a half stars, and much great praise for all involved! The band (including guest Shenzo Gregorio) plays tonight for Jazzgroove at Foundry 616 in Ultimo. Read the review here.

The Mango Balloon, Volume 3

The Tango Saloon ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’

Romero Records is very happy to announce the brand new single for The Tango Saloon, ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’ featuring vocalist Elana Stone. This is the second single to be released ahead of the band’s forthcoming fourth album, following on from last year’s ‘In Black And White’ (and its stunning video clip directed by Julian Shaw).

The official launch is June 5 at Venue 505 (280 Cleveland St Surry Hills), featuring Elana Stone, and supported by the inimitable gypsy punk trio Mr Bamboo. Book tickets.

Don't Close Your Eyes

New Mango Balloon, sneak preview

We’ve just put up the info page for ‘The Mango Balloon: Volume 3′, including a sneak preview featuring snippets from a few tracks. Check it out here.

The album is officially launched March 19th at Venue 505.

Balloon Man

The Mango Balloon: Volume 3

Romero Records’ first release for 2014 is Volume 3 of Julian Curwin’s The Mango Balloon series. Developed in 2010 as a stripped-back version of The Tango Saloon, the smaller band has quickly taken on a life of its own.

Each recording has a special guest bringing their personality to the music, and on Volume 3 that guest is Shenzo Gregorio, best known for playing ‘stunt violin’ in his project Shenzo’s Electric Stunt Orchestra (essentially, he flies!). With The Mango Balloon, Shenzo plays viola, and keeps his feet firmly on the ground, though still manages to bring plenty of fireworks to the occasion.

Volume 3 is officially launched March 19 at Venue 505.

The Mango Balloon Volume 3

Neill Duncan: one-handed saxophone

2014 kicked off with an inspiring story from Darth Vegas saxophonist Neill Duncan, who last year lost his arm to cancer. With assistance from various organisations and individuals, Neill has been able to acquire a one-handed saxophone, and plans to play it at the upcoming Darth Vegas gig on February 8! Incidentally, this will also probably be the band’s last Sydney gig for quite a while. Read the full story here.

Neill Duncan

The Mango Balloon ‘La Isla Bonita’

Just in time for Christmas, The Mango Balloon offer up a bonus track from the ‘Mango Balloon 2 Sessions’, featuring Brian Campeau on vocals. A beautifully stripped-back cover of Madonna’s 1986 hit, featuring voice, acoustic guitar and accordion.

Check out the (very) rudimentary video on youtube, or high quality download from bandcamp.

La Isla Bonita


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